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Conscious living is a journey!

Tullika Bhalla
May 08, 2019

How many of us have preserved our purchases from various travels?

Be it from lavender fields in UK to the souks of Marrakesh, we all have one special souvenir to remind us of those special moments.

While I have enjoyed countless hours of bargaining in the souks and bazaars, how many of us spare a thought for the artisans who make these products?

To be honest, till a few years ago I didn’t either. It was all about the instant gratification and pleasure of ownership.

My evolution into ethical and sustainable lifestyle has been gradual. There are some things that we have always done as a part of our lifestyle. Recycling waste, using glass & metal jars to use for storage in our pantry, using really old clothes as funky cleaning rags and using vinegar for cleaning where we can.

The rising consciousness led me to consider ways in which I could be more conscious about products for our home. Did I really need to buy a stuffed cushion every time? How do I get rid of the earlier one?

That is the point at which my journey for ethical home accessories began. I started looking for home accessories that are ethically made and can be used more sustainably than the current trend of cheap “fast interiors”. Yes, I am looking at you, supermarkets & Primark!

In going back to my roots, I discovered the joy of slow artisanship and handmade products. We started exploring Fairtrade options and to my surprise, we found various NGOs in India that works with disadvantaged communities to create some amazing unique products. The fringe benefits include generating employment, teaching new skills and an overall upliftment in the community that our supply chain is entrenched in.

Our eclectic collection is a testament to the fact that beauty can be found anywhere. From an office paper recycled to make paper to leftover swatches used for making patchwork cushion covers.

Give us a shout today if this sounds like your story too and we will share our tips to make your home more sustainable & ethical.

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