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Living Room Decor Ideas That Encourage Sustainable Living

Tullika Bhalla
May 24, 2021

Imagine walking into a room every day, where everything you own is ethically sourced, reusable, or eco-friendly - it’s a dream coming true for a person with a sustainable lifestyle. Perhaps you already have the idea of decluttering your living room and redecorating it with green alternatives in your mind. Whether you wish to add an eco-friendly touch or give a complete makeover to your living space, beginning from scratch isn’t a piece of cake. But don’t fret, we have got your back! Here we have put together some creative yet easily achievable, environment-friendly living room decor ideas for you:

Creating Space with Rugs : Living room Decor Ideas

Rugs are not uncommon decorative around the world yet are often overlooked when it comes to living room decor. Amp up your living space with handcrafted rugs made of recycled/organic cotton. Let their beautiful, vibrant colours and dramatic, artistic designs add life to your existing decor. Rugs are best used to define areas and work well when you create multiple spaces within the room with rugs. For this, you have to strategically place two or more rugs in a single room to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Presented below is rare rug made from “recycled waste plastic bottles, mixed with 40% recycled cotton and hand loomed” to give it the final look.


Comfortable Rugs for Everyone : Living room decor ideas


Add a splash of Green!

But splashing greens all around the room is tricky unless you wish to turn your living room into an urban jungle. Houseplants are indeed the best way to add visual breathability and freshen up the room. From succulents to cacti - you will find a variety of indoor plants that don’t need much sunlight and demand little to no maintenance. Small plants are perfect for shelves and succulents survive well even in cold dark corners.

Plants for shelves for an impeccable living room

Let Light In

Perhaps the best way to create an eco-friendly living room is by letting the sunlight brighten up space. If your room already receives ample natural light, turn off the lights and open all the windows. Add eco-friendly lighting to your room – Table Lamps. Instead of decorating your living space with expensive artificial light fixtures, buy some sustainably made statement lamps. Made from bamboo, wood and marble, Handmade by talented Indian artisans, these are made under Fairtrade conditions. 


Bamboo Table Lamp : New living room decor idea helpful for reading things

Perfect for use in your office, living room, study or bedroom, these lamps provide the unique designer touch that you have been looking for. 

Refurbish & Reuse

If your furniture is getting old, for instance, add a fresh coat of eco-friendly paint, and you’d be surprised to see how it instantly adds a new life to it. Redecorate your walls by adding frames of your old memories and creating an incredible wall gallery.

Paint the interior walls. You can choose colours that add dynamism, warmth and energy such as gold, cream and red, or those that have a calming effect, such as gray, blue and white.

Real living room decor idea

I am surprised that...

A conversation on decor ideas mainly revolves around floor, walls, and furniture, but there is more to elevating the aesthetics of living space. Adding sustainably made decor products, like hand-carved oil burners, tealight holder and votives, is a beautiful way to decorate your room and promote ethically styled living. An elegant hand-embroidered table runner, for instance, becomes a conversation starter when your guests appreciate the artisan’s artwork. What’s more? Such timeless pieces save you a lot in the long run as they never go out of style.

Check these get inspired.

Elephant Oil Burners : Living room decor Ideas


What is your preferred decorating style?

Do leave a comment for us and add your favourite living room decor ideas into our list. 



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