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Embossed Brass Coaster Set - 6 Pcs
From £23.00

One of our bestsellers, these glamorous brass layered coasters will add a touch of royalty to any room.


Handpainted Coaster Sets with 6 coasters
From £22.00

 A gorgeous set of 6 coasters handpainted in gorgeous colours and unique designs! 

Each piece is an amazing work of...

Hand Painted Daisy Wall Hook

Perfect for adding some vibrant colour to your walls, these Daisy hooks are made from recycled metal and handpainted ceramic. 

Out of stock! See similar products
Carved Natural Soap Stone Oil Burner - 2.5in

Go natural with our gorgeous hand-carved oil burners. Perfect for those who use natural fragrances for pollution-free, ozone saving to...

Embroidered Clutch Crossbody Bags : Spring

Beaded by hand, our elegant clutch bags will shine among your party essentials. These glamorous creations have beautifully embroidered...



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