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Enamelled Mango Wood Serveware Collection

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Enamelled Mango Wood Serveware - Hearts
From £15.00

The collection includes bowls in 3 sizes, a round platter, a rectangular platter and an 11in round tray.

The red...

7 pcs Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set and Mango wood Salad Spoon set
From £12.00£15.00

Salad Spoon Set

The perfect accessory to your bowl collection, this serving spoon set is handmade. Beautifully finished in...

Boho Homes Gift Card
From £10.00
Gift your wish for happiness to your special someone!
Chakra Notebooks with handmade paper

Coloured fabric covered notebooks depicting yoga themes. Contains quality handmade eco-friendly paper made from recycled materials using a...



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