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Mango wood boards - Round

This beautiful wooden board is not only gorgeous to look at but be used for multiple purposes. 

In Indian households, it...

Silk Hand Embroidered Table runner - Small

Dress your decor up with these beautifully designed table runners. 

With a delicate pattern of contrasting flowers and vines, the...

Hand Woven Wool cushion cover

100% wool cushion covers, vintage patchwork hand woven in Turkey .

These cushions covers are amazingly warm & tactile .

3 ply Organic Cotton Face Masks with filter pocket

Our range of organic cotton face masks are here! 

Hand stitched from natural material, i.e chemical free cotton, the masks...

Multicoloured Patchwork cushion covers

These gorgeous patchwork cushion covers will remind you of spring.

They are made from multiple pieces of patterned cotton and...

Embroidered Cotton Duvet Cover - Elephants

Beautifully hand embroidered duvet cover in a gorgeous combination of white, green & orange on a blue background. The hand-drawn elephants add the bit...

Sustainable Bamboo LED Table Lamps
From $44.00$59.00

Our newly launched Lamps collection is a part of our effort to minimise environmental impact while creating products that are...

Wirehook Metal Wall Hook - Home

Cute metal wall hooks in a heart shape! 

Versatile in their function and multipurpose in their use, they are perfect for...



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