Boho Handpainted Beaded Elephant statues

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Bring home good luck and a touch of bohemia with these gorgeous handmade elephant statues.
Made in mango wood, these beautiful statues are made in workshops under Fairtrade conditions by artisans. Each piece is as unique as the artisan who makes it. 
Mango wood is a sustainable wood, often harvested from government monitored orchards. It is a hardy, tropical wood perfect for furniture and hardwearing products. 
The colours are bright and add a touch of whimsy to any room decor. It also makes a perfect gift for someone who loves to travel or loves elephants (animals!). Coupled with some scented tealights, these are the perfect addition to the family! 
Did you know that Elephants are the wisest creatures in the jungle and one of the most gentle animals (till they are provoked, of course)
In Asian countries, they are a symbol of luck, patience and fertility! In African countries, they are all about strength!
Hindus pray to Ganesh, the elephant God before they start a new project!

Each piece has been painted by a talented artisan and is unique in its own right.
We also offer wholesale and bulk orders for these gorgeous products. They can be customised in your colour schemes and we take orders for quantities over 25pcs.

Size : 4in and 6in 
Material : Mangowood 

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