Handpainted Coaster Sets

  • £14.99


A gorgeous set of 6 coasters handpainted in gorgeous colours and unique designs! 

Each piece is an amazing work of art and features unique designs and colours. Each set has different coloured coasters and designs. 

Painted in the traditional coneart designs, these sets will remind you of the souk bazars of Egypt and colours from villages of Rajasthan. 

The sets are made under Fairtrade conditions and the artisans get paid a fair price. With each purchase, you are contributing to a livelihood of an artisan and a village community. 
We are an ethical trading company and our earnings are invested in deserving social profits. 

We will send out a set at random since each set has different colours.

NB: You can specify a particular set in your order notes or we will send one at random 
Size : 5x5in , Coaster: 4x4in 
Material: Mango Wood

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