Organic Cotton Veggie Produce Bags

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Made from Organic cotton, these mesh veggie produce bags are the perfect accessory to go #plasticfree.

You can pack your fruits and vegetables while shopping, weigh them and tag them, all without the use of any plastic bags at all. The mesh also keeps the veggies fresh and avoids condensation. Waste less and use more which means save more money as your fruit and veg last for longer.

These eco vegetable bags are made in the co-ops rehabilitating physically challenged people We want to make sure that we spread the goodness all around. 

Your Impact
Take a step closer to a zero waste lifestyle with these sustainable substitutes for single-use plastic bags. Not just do they let you cut down your trash, but also keep your food free of exposure to the harmful chemicals in plastic bags and containers.

Available as single bags or in sets of 3. Due to high demand, our set of 3 is now available as a set of 2 small & 1 large bag. 

Please choose the quantity at checkout. 
Small: 23.5cms long * 17cms wide (will fit 5 bananas or 4-5 apples) 
Medium: 20cms long * 23cms wide (will fit 1 kilo of onions and some garlic on the side) 
Large: 34cms long * 30cms wide (will fit about 2.5 kilos of medium potatoes) 
Material: Organic Cotton 
Care: Gentle Wash in cold water

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