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Organic Cotton Veggie Produce Bags
From £2.50£2.65

Made from Organic cotton, these mesh veggie produce bags are the perfect accessory to go #plasticfree.

You can pack your...

Organic Cotton Reusable Bread Bags
From £3.00

Cotton food bags aspire to non-toxic and nature-friendly shopping offer enough space to store food with complete cleanliness.

Reasons to...

Handpainted Coaster Sets with 6 coasters

 A gorgeous set of 6 coasters handpainted in gorgeous colours and unique designs! 

Each piece is an amazing work of...

Marble Coaster Set of 4

A gorgeous set of 4 coasters handmade in marble and other sustainable materials

The sleek white & gold design...

Wool & Recycled Natural Fibres Cushion Cover - 45x45cms

A geometric patterned cushion cover, hand woven from sustainable wool and recycled denim with a cotton warp. The practical cotton...

Brass Embossed Wooden Tissue Box

A beautiful wooden tissue box in Black , overlaid with embossed brass. 

The brass sheet has been manually embossed using...

Carved Natural Soap Stone Oil Burner - 3in

Go natural with our gorgeous hand-carved oil burners. Perfect for those who use natural fragrances for pollution-free, ozone saving to...

Hand Painted Tissue Box

A gorgeous, elegant beautifully designed wooden tissue box with a burst of sunshine colours. 

Made from sustainable mango wood, it has...



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