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Embossed Brass Coasters Set - 6 pcs
From £20.00

One of our bestsellers, these glamorous brass layered coasters will add a touch of royalty to any room.


Organic Cotton Veggie Produce Bags
From £2.50£2.65

Made from Organic cotton, these mesh veggie produce bags are the perfect accessory to go #plasticfree.

You can pack your...

Organic Cotton Bread Bags - Medium

Cotton food bags aspire to non-toxic and nature-friendly shopping offer enough space to store food with complete cleanliness.

Reasons to...

Lacquered Coconut Shell bowls - Gold Elephant
From £14.00

Made from real coconut shells, these gorgeous bowls are to be seen to be believed. A shaped and hollowed out...

Brass Embossed Tissue Box

A beautiful wooden tissue box in Black , overlaid with embossed brass. 

The brass sheet has been manually embossed using...

Enamelled Mango Wood Serveware - Metallica
From £15.00

The collection includes bowls in 3 sizes, a round platter, a rectangular platter and a 10in tray.

Inspired by timeless...

Hand Painted Tissue Box

A gorgeous, elegant beautifully designed wooden tissue box with a burst of sunshine colours. 

Made from sustainable mango wood, it has...

Natural Incense Sticks - Mystic fragrances

Auroshikha high quality incense sticks are hand rolled using natural organic ingredients and essential oils and are suitable for vegetarians...

Handpainted Coaster Sets with 6 coasters
From £15.99

 A gorgeous set of 6 coasters handpainted in gorgeous colours and unique designs! 

Each piece is an amazing work of...

Mangowood Tray with Handpainted ceramic tiles - Large

Beauty with a purpose. 

A gorgeous piece of hand-painted marvel, this tray is perfect for use on your dining table,...

Enamelled Mango Wood Square Tray
From £21.00

Colourful and bountiful, these beautiful designs will fill you with joy and add a spark of colour in your living...

Designer Enamelled Mango Wood Round Trays

Add a touch of glamour and colour to your serving collection with these gorgeous wooden trays.

At 10in round, these...

Carved Natural Soap Stone Oil Burner - 2.5in

Go natural with our gorgeous hand-carved oil burners. Perfect for those who use natural fragrances for pollution-free, ozone saving to...

Mango Salad Spoon set

The perfect accessory to your bowl collection, this serving spoon set is handmade. Beautifully finished in natural tones, it will...

Natural Essential Oils
From £9.50

Mix a few drops of Boho Homes essential oils with water in our sleek oil burners.

Distilled by traditional methods,...

Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filters

 Love your drip coffee? Looking for more sustainable & eco-friendly ways to start your morning?

Our organic cotton reusable coffee...

Block Printed 100% Cotton Quilt - Double/King

Lightweight snuggly cotton quilts made and filled with 100% cotton in contemporary colourful designs. 

Made from block printed cotton, these...

Carved Natural Soap Stone Oil Burners - 3.5in

Add a spot of colour and natural fragrance with our beautiful hand-carved oil burners. Perfect for those who use natural fragrances...

Beaded Embroidered Clutch Crossbody Bags

Beaded by hand, our elegant clutch bags will shine among your party essentials. These glamorous creations have beautifully embroidered...

Handpainted Elephant candle holder

These beautiful handpainted tealight stands are a flagship product here at Boho Homes.
Made in mango wood, these beautiful holders are...

Big Soapstone Oil Burners - Coloured

Go natural with our gorgeous hand carved oil burners. Perfect for those who use natural fragrances for pollution free, ozone...

Mangowood Tray with Handpainted ceramic tiles - Small

A beauty with a purpose . 

A gorgeous piece of hand painted marvel, this tray is perfect for use on...

Antique Brass and Glass Tealight Holder


A brilliant ode to contemporary art in silver metalwork, these gorgeous candle holders are perfect to bring out on...

2ply Organic Cotton Face Masks

Our range of organic cotton face masks are here! 

Hand stitched from natural material, i.e chemical free cotton, the masks...

Enamelled Mango Wood Tableware - Daisy
From £16.00

Clear blue skies,  sunshine and flower gardens are we were thinking when we designed the daisies for our latest Kitchenware...

Boho Homes Silk Hand Embroidered Table runner - Large

Dress your decor up with these beautifully designed table runners. 

With a delicate pattern of contrasting flowers and vines, the...

Block Printed Gift Bags
From £2.00

Beautifully made  luxury gift bags made from recycled paper . The design on it has been block printed by hand , therefore each...

Lacquered Coconut Shell bowls - Gold Leaf
From £14.00

Made from real coconut shells, these gorgeous bowls are to be seen to be believed. A shaped and hollowed...

Slubweave Cotton Rugs
From £25.00

Made from 70% wool and 30% cotton, these rugs are woven in a slubweave design. With some knots and thicker,...

Pet friendly Recycled Plastic Yarn Cushion Covers - 35x50cms

Gently patterned, these eco friendly and sustainable cushion covers offer stain and UV resistance. Due to the hypoallegenic qualities, they...

Hand Painted Indian Elephant Tealight Holder - Crystals

These beautiful handpainted, crystal-embellished tealight holders add to the glamour quotient in any living space.  
Made in mango wood, these beautiful...

Embroidered Christmas Decorations - Stars

Beautifully designed Stars, perfect decoration for the Christmas tree! 

Available in traditional Green & royal Purple

Hand embroidered on felt,...

Boho Homes Gift Card
From £10.00
Gift your wish for happiness to your special someone!
White Applique cushion covers

 Add a touch of calm with these delicate cut work design cushion covers.

Made from pure white soft cotton, each...

Recycled Khadi Cushion Cover - 45cm x 45cm

100% recycled khadi handwoven into heritage fabric with geometric designs. 

These fabulous jewel tones will add a touch of reflection to a calmer...

Organic Cotton Reusable Tea Bags

Made from Organic cotton, these mesh veggie produce bags are the perfect way to dip, dip, dip your teabags. 

 The infuser...

Hand painted Elephant Door Wedges

Hand carved and hand painted, these gorgeous elephant head door stops make for art at your door.This attractive door wedge...

Boho Embroidered Table Runner/ Wall Hanging
From £30.00

An elegant hand embroidered tapestry complete with various beautiful motifs, perfect for everyday use.

Beauty & versatility at your fingertips....

Chakra Notebooks with handmade paper

Coloured fabric covered notebooks depicting yoga themes. Contains quality handmade eco-friendly paper made from recycled materials using a...

Soapstone Oil Burners - Owl

Go natural with our gorgeous hand carved oil burners. Perfect for those who use natural fragrances for pollution free, ozone...

3 Elephant Soapstone Oil Burners - Natural

Go natural with our gorgeous hand carved oil burners. Perfect for those who use natural fragrances for pollution free, ozone...

Striped Malabar cushion cover - 50x50cms

 Made in Kerala, these cotton cushion covers are beautifully tactile. 

A traditionally hand crafted cotton cushion cover, with a subtle...

Organic Cotton Tote Bags

100% organic cotton tote bags !

With a dots & stripes theme, these bags are a perfect accessory to brighten...

Zari Patchwork embroiderd cushion covers

The sumptuous, royal cushion cover made from woven golden zari, this is one of the most traditional designs. 

The golden...

Mango wood boards - Round

This beautiful wooden board is not only gorgeous to look at but be used for multiple purposes. 

In Indian households, it...

Christmas cushion covers

 Welcome Christmas into your home with these gorgeous, sparkly cushion covers.

We have 3 different sizes available .. together they...

Boho Handpainted Beaded Elephant statues
From £16.00

Bring home good luck and a touch of bohemia with these gorgeous handmade elephant statues.
Made in mango wood, these...

Gorgeous handmade Jute Pen Stands

Bring order to your pen collection with this beautiful pen holder.

Made from jute, a vegetable fibre, the designs...

Decorative Hand painted Boxes
From £22.00

2 very different but equally gorgeous wooden boxes. 

The hand-painted designs and the colour combinations with varied designs give these...

Handpainted mangowood votives

These beautiful handpainted votives are a flagship product here at Boho Homes.

Made from mangowood, these beautiful tealights are made...

Mango Salad Spoon set



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