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Where We Differ

  • Boho Homes is an independent platform, selling hand-crafted products for homes with a strong ethical mission at their core.
  • We work with superior quality materials and take pride in offering products that tell a story. Launched in 2018, the foundation of Boho Homes London was laid on the Fairtrade principles and the Sustainable Development Goals because we believe that increased trade can empower lives. We acknowledge that artisanal production is slow, eco-friendly and sustainable. Our uniqueness lies in our authenticity. Each product comes from a traceable production line and we include a note in each order that tells you the story of your purchase.
  • We work with social enterprises, small scale artisans and other fair-trade suppliers to showcase a wide range of handmade homeware products. At Boho Homes, we are invested in uplifting the socio-economic livelihood of each artisan. This is why we go out of the way to provide need-based support to enable their production. We not only help strengthen local artisans and marginalised small producers to gain adequate skills and confidence, but also financially empower their families.

our aim

  • Be Planet Friendly

    We want to provide our customers with a range of eco-friendly choices when it comes to home décor so that they can shop whilst making the world a better place to inhabit.
  • Ethical Production Practices

    We want to encourage our suppliers to grow their business ethically while making aesthetically pleasing products.
  • Educate, Empower, Enable

    We want to bring together a collective of independent artisans and local groups, not only to earn a living and improve the socio-economic reality but also to showcase their unique talents on a global platform

Our Vision

To have maximum positive impact on artisan lives and
livelihood, while minimising the impact on the planet.

Our Sustainability Focus

  • Our product designs are driven by the concepts of colour and cause. We use sustainable materials like mangowood and natural materials like organic cotton, that are not only good to look at but also give you the warm fuzzies.
  • We are doing our best to be planet and environment friendly with our choice of products using recycled paper, offcuts & re-purposed materials to create some amazing original designs for gifts and homewares. We curate ethical home décor choices for you so that you can decorate your home with products that bring joy to not only you but also to the people who have made them. While we work with WFTO & BAFTS certified suppliers, it is often difficult for grassroot artisans to receive accreditation, and that is why key aim is to provide a fair price for their efforts.

About The Founder

Tullika is the founder of Boho Homes who converted her passion for comfy cushions and cosy homes into an eco-friendly and ethical business, after discovering the untapped potential of artisans using sustainable & planet friendly material to create beautiful, high quality homewares while travelling in her home country, India.



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