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Handpainted Coaster Sets with 6 coasters

 A gorgeous set of 6 coasters handpainted in gorgeous colours and unique designs! 

Each piece is an amazing work of...

Hand Painted Tissue Box

A gorgeous, elegant beautifully designed wooden tissue box with a burst of sunshine colours. 

Made from sustainable mango wood, it has...

Enamelled Mango Wood Serveware - Hearts
From £15.00£18.00

The collection includes bowls in 3 sizes, a round platter, a rectangular platter, and an 11in the round tray.


Enamelled Mango Wood Serveware - Kilim
From £15.00£18.00

Revisit the souks of Morocco with this gorgeous collection of Kilim patterned collection. 

The turquoise will remind you of the...

Zari Patchwork embroiderd cushion covers

The sumptuous, royal cushion cover made from woven golden zari, this is one of the most traditional designs. 

The golden...

Boho Homes Silk Hand Embroidered Table runner - Large

Dress your decor up with these beautifully designed table runners. 

With a delicate pattern of contrasting flowers and vines, the...

Slub Weave Cotton Throw With Pom Poms - 125 x150cms

Gorgeously soft material, a cheeky design and handwoven finish make these throws a thing of unique beauty. 


Christmas cushion covers

 Welcome Christmas into your home with these gorgeous, sparkly cushion covers.

We have 3 different sizes available .. together they...



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