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Diwali offers by Boho Homes | Combos, Gifting range & Decor

Tullika Bhalla
Oct 29, 2021
Spend Less, Get More This Diwali With Boho Homes' Sparkling Offers
The festival of lights is here! Diwali, an Indian festival observed by billions of people with Indian roots across the world.
In ancient times, the festival was celebrated with rows of clay oil lamps to spread the light at every corner of the house and street on the new moon day, based on the Hindu lunar calendar.

Today, people decorate their homes with sparkling fairy lights, strings of flowers and leaves, and rows of lamps and candles on this auspicious occasion. To celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, or we can say good over evil, families gather together for prayers, feasts, gift exchange, charitable giving, and fireworks.

Because the Diwali celebration is all about spreading love and joy, Boho Homes has assembled some lightning combo offers to double the happiness; read on to discover our new festive surprises.

Coconut shell bowls and a tray


Simple yet subtle; basic yet appealing; hand-decorated yet flawless - Boho Homes’ coconut shell bowls prove the common saying beauty lies in simplicity is indeed true. Made from discarded coconut shells, these colourful, beautifully-designed bowls make a great addition to festive decor.

Combined with the multicoloured mango wood trays, the set is a perfect statement gift for your friends and family. Or wow your guests when you serve your festive delicacies at the next party!

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​​Elephant tea lights and a tray


Elephants are considered sacred in India, because they are believed to be the living incarnations of Lord Ganesh. Since the celebration of the Diwali festival begins with a prayer to Ganesh for good luck, elephant figurines in your home are a symbol of abundance and luck on this occasion.

The perfect gift for a home or office, the combination of these gorgeous elephant tea lights and a tray will fill your home with good vibes and lights. Use these crystal-embellished elephant tealight holders on an elegantly-decorated Mango wood tray as a centrepiece in your living space, or place them at the entrance for positive vibes and energies.

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2 Headed Elephant Oil burner and essential oils

Burning oil lamps is a significant part of the Diwali celebration as they symbolize the victory of light over darkness. Decorate your home with Boho Homes’ hand carved oil burners and freshen up your space with a mild aroma of exotic essential oil. You can place them along your entrance to create an inviting environment for your guests.

As exchanging gifts is also a meaningful ritual during the festival, you can consider giving them as a gift to your friends and colleagues. It is believed people used to give deepaks, clay oil lamps and oil, to families, friends, and neighbours in ancient times to ensure every house was well-lit, especially on the night of Deepawali.

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Tiffin set and a tray


Diwali is a five-day festival. On the first day, people pray to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity and distribute sweets to their relatives. On the next day, people decorate their home with flowers and make beautiful rangolis with coloured sand or powder. The third day is the actual day of the Diwali festival when families and friends get together to pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. On the fourth day, people exchange gifts and give blessings to children, while on the fifth day, the bond of siblings is celebrated.

As everyone visits their loved ones these days, get-togethers, feasts, and sweet exchanges are extremely common. When your guests arrive for well-wishes, make sure you are ready to serve them sweets and desserts in Boho Homes’ uniquely designed tiffin set and a pretty Mango wood tray.

These were our few combo surprises that will make your Diwali celebration even more special. But wait! We have more.

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An Exclusive Boho Homes’ Diwali Offer

Boho Homes understands how hectic and stressful all preparation and home decoration for Diwali can get. And that’s why to lift your spirit and take the excitement of the festival to the next level; an incredible offer has been rolled out for all Boho Homes’ shoppers.

When you are done shopping, use the code ‘HAPPYDIWALI’ to earn an additional 20% off over £30 purchase in soft furnishings. Hurry up before your favourite items go out of stock!

Apart from mentioned combo offers, you can shop brass & glass tealight holders, mango wood votives, mango wood thela, brass coasters, and more from our gifting range.

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Be Diwali Ready With Embroidered Clutch

 As you will be visiting your relatives and friends for the celebration, be sure to be festive-ready with Boho Homes’ gorgeous-looking clutch bags with hand-embroidered floral designs. They make an incredible party essential and complement outfits of every style, including traditional Indian dresses that you might be planning to wear on Diwali. Take your pick from our extensive selection to make a fashion statement, and be prepared to steal some glances.

This Diwali, decorate your home with Boho Homes’ extensive selection of stunning, hand-crafted home decor and furnishings to support the socio-economic livelihood of talented Indian artisans. And don’t forget to explore our collection of clutch bags to complete and complement your Diwali look!

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