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Easy Hacks For An Affordable Christmas Look

Tullika Bhalla
Dec 10, 2021

How happy we are that Christmas will not be the same as last year. After spending Christmas alone at home, we all are eagerly waiting for the holiday seasons to arrive so that once again we can enjoy big family celebrations with our loved ones. We can tell you, too, are longing for Christmas Day to come so that you can enjoy a hearty meal and waves of laughter with your beloved folks. Well, we can’t make the time run faster, but we can always make things easier for you. And yes, we are, as always, ready with a list that will make your Christmas shopping hassle-free. Let’s take a quick peek together…

Red, White & Gold Silk Cushion Covers

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/red-and-gold-christmas-cushions

We were thinking of pretty red and snowy white topped off with gold when creating the list of Christmas decor for you, and here we are with exquisitely designed silk cushion covers. Make your holiday merrier by adding traditional Christmas colours to the decor, besides a lush-green Christmas tree. Our cushion covers are warm to touch, thereby best for a cosy chair where you like to take your coffee during colder months. They also work wonders in elevating the overall winter feel when you place them neatly on couches or beds. And the metallic gold print, which is inspired by rich Venetian and French royal interiors, makes a style statement in any decor - traditional and modern alike. 

Christmas Cushion Covers

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/christmas-cushion-covers

But the feel of Christmas will be incomplete with traditional decoration. Isn’t it? And that’s why we included Christmas cushion covers - the Christmas must-haves - in our list. Add a sparkly touch to your decor with our beautiful cushions that immediately escalate the festive vibes. These come in different designs and sizes. Whether you want Santa’s little buddies or cute-looking pine trees, Boho Homes have them all! Throw them on your living rooms’ settee or add them to your patio’s couch to prepare your home ready for the Christmas celebration. 

Joy & Merry Cushion Covers

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/sparkly-christmas-tree-cushion-cover

We simply can’t have enough cushions. It is time to cosy up with friends and family , with a snuggly throw and some gorgeous festive cushions! Bring a comforting feeling to your space by adding our cushion covers with a red tartan backdrop. Hand embroidered ‘Joy’ and ‘Merry’ on these covers give a comfortable feel and add a festive touch at the same time. And the best part is they never overwhelm the Christmas decor, keeping the holiday spirit up. So, if you want to create a magical look, we suggest adding them for a cheerful festive change. 

Embossed Brass Coaster Set

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/brass-coaster-set

Welcome your guests with sparkle & glitz by using these golden coaster sets to keep ugly water stains and coffee rings away! These brass-layered coasters give an impressive luxurious look and are ideal for living spaces with boho design styles. Skilled artisans beautifully designed each piece to give you an exquisite feel. The coasters look glam on any surface, and the decorative box is the perfect place to store the coasters when you are not using them.  

Marble Candle Holders

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/white-marble-candle-holder

A few candles on cold winter nights are an excellent way to add warmth and ambience to the decor. Bring accent lighting into your space with our marble candle holders. The white and gold combination makes a perfect addition for a glamorous festive touch. Their unique shape and character break the monotony if your overall decor follows overwhelming symmetrical patterns. You can, of course, use aromatic candles to add a touch of festive spa like feel. 

Soapstone Oil Burners

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/3-5in-carved-stone-oil-burner

A faint, refreshing smell across the room makes you feel relaxed and at ease, which is much-needed when you are stressing about making everything perfect - from cookies and dinner to home decor and presents - on Christmas. Let all your holiday worries go away with our soapstone oil burners that add more beauty to the decor besides freshening up the space with natural fragrances of essential oils. 

Mango Wood Square Tray

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/enamelled-mango-wood-bowls-mandala

Your dinner table has to look as perfect as the rest of your home on Christmas Day. And if you’re following the tradition and making turkey for dinner, you might want your guests to be impressed not only with your cooking but also with your presentation. That’s why we have added enamelled mango wood square tray to the list - available in captivating designs, vibrant colours, and bold patterns - to help you serve your guests in style. These trays are perfect for serving side dishes like Yorkshire pudding and pigs in blankets. 

Mango Wood Thela

Visit shop: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/mango-wood-thela

If you want to take your dinner table presentation to the next level, add skillfully designed mango wood thela - a perfect serving platter on the wheels. The thela is ideal for bringing snacks to the table and impressing everyone with the serving style. Welcome Santa in style as you leave out milk & cookies for the big man himself on these innovative set of wheels! 

We hope our quick Christmas decoration tips will make your home ready for festivities this holiday season in no time!

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