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Restyling Your Home? Boho Homes Has 15 Chic Decorating Ideas

Tullika Bhalla
Oct 26, 2021

Decorating a home with the change of a season brings in lots of positive vibes. It makes your space appear new and stylish. Since the weather outside is slowly changing, it’s a fantastic decision to redecorate the interior that will reflect the colours of the fall. Since the Autumn season is all about adding warmth and cosy vibes, think of upgrading soft furnishing and accessories to create an inviting space. 

At Boho Homes, we make your home styling experience even more pleasant by bringing you closer to handmade, environment-friendly products that make your living space warm and welcoming. Intrigued by what we have to offer this time? Let’s take a look at them together:

 Slubweave Cotton Rugs



Rugs complement the aesthetics of every interior style - be it traditional, bohemian, modern, minimalist, or rustic. Add warmth to your room and create a natural rustic ambience with our Slub Weave rugs, handwoven from Jute & cotton! 


Chenille & Jute Rugs


If your home follows Scandinavian decor, Chenille & Jute rugs will be perfect for your interiors. Their natural tones never appear overwhelming and blend it perfectly with any decor style. The striped geometric patterns are aesthetically pleasing, while elegant tasselled ends promote simplicity. We suggest decorating high traffic areas, like the living room or dining area, with these gorgeous rugs to add Autumn warmth and shades.


Handloom Recycled PET Yarn Rugs 


Make an eco-friendly switch - with our soft, colourful PET rugs, made with recycled plastic bottles, The striking geometric patterns create a dramatic impact, vibrant colours liven up the entire space. It is a perfect addition to kids’ rooms to add a pop of colour, encourage creative minds and keep the mess away. You can also use these in the high traffic areas such as your dining area or kitchen to clearly define spaces. Just pop it in the washing machine when it’s time to refresh! .


Woven Zari Table Runners


Get inspired by nature and bring home Boho Homes’ table runners with beautiful patterns of peacocks and elephants. The runners will enhance your space by adding more colours and patterns, elevating the feel of changing seasons. Place them on your bed, coffee table, or couch for an elegant celebration look. They also look pretty as tapestries and add visual interest to the walls. 


Silk Hand Embroidered Table Runner


Who says runners are only for dining tables? Hang them on the walls, dress up your bed, or decorate your sofas with them; they will certainly elevate the visual appearance. The contrasting vines and flower patterns are meant to blend in any space, including bedroom, guest room, and powder room - the only limit is your imagination.


Designer Enamelled Mango Wood Round Trays


Create harmony with Boho Homes' mango wood round trays known for their beauty, simplicity, and functionality. The combination of natural shades of mango wood and decorative patterns grab immediate attention without appearing too loud. Perhaps their soothing appearance makes them ideal for Autumn decor addition. You can add these gorgeous-looking wooden trays to your serving collection and use them for before dinner snacks or after-meal coffee. 


Embroidered Wall Hanging



When your eyes are looking for artistry and versatility, nothing could please them except Boho Homes’ embroidered wall hangings. These gorgeous tapestries serve only one purpose - beautify the whole space. Besides hanging them to the walls, you can neatly place them at the foot of your bed or on the dinner table as table runners.

White Lace Cushion Covers


While traditionally styled homes have bold patterns and vibrant colours all over their space, the modern or minimalist decor has simple yet elegant furnishings. If you are looking for stylish yet sophisticated items, these gorgeous cushions in white colour will be the best for your home. The delicate work with pure white lace in flower and trellis pattern makes them unique and worth adding to the decor.


Embroidered Velvet Cushion Covers


Perhaps the biggest challenge you come across when restyling a space is finding ways to make new additions work with a decor theme. But with embroidered velvet cushion covers, you face no problems because they blend in well with any decor. Only the edges are embroidered in a minimal pattern to let the colours dramatically affect the decor. These compact cushions can be placed anywhere you want - on a comfortable armchair, a study sofa, a long couch, or a queen-size bed.


Pet-Friendly Recycled Plastic Yarn Cushion Covers


Do you have poodles in your house? Or perhaps you live with cats! If you are a pet owner, bring home these Boho Homes sustainable and eco-friendly cushion covers with UV and stain resistance. Our PET yarn cushion covers are soft to touch and easy to maintain, and have hypoallergenic qualities, making them suitable for individuals struggling with breathing conditions or asthma.


Braided Cotton Chindi Cushion Cover


Wondering what soft furnishing accessories will be suitable for your newly bought or vintage-looking couch? Boho Homes’ braided cotton chindi cushion covers, of course. It may come as a surprise; these cushion covers are not made from a single fabric, rather from the scraps of several different types of material. This way, nothing goes to waste. You can also use them as floor cushions for your perfect reading nook.

Recycled Khadi Cushion Cover


When you need couch or sofa accessories for your outdoor living space, give a thought to Boho Homes recycled khadi cushion covers. Their handwoven geometric designs make them ideal for decor or style radiating tranquillity. We suggest adding them to patio furniture and practicing mindfulness while enjoying the beauty of nature.


Block Printed Cotton Quilt


Winters are arriving..!!. So, why not make your home ready for the cold season? Boho Homes lightweight cotton quilts with colourful contemporary designs are ideal for changing seasons. Jaipuri razai (quilt) are common in Rajasthan, India, where the temperature rises and drops rapidly because of the desert.


Diamond Weave Cotton Handloom Throw


Any home decor would be incomplete without the addition of throws. If you are looking for stunning bed and couch accessories, Boho Homes cotton handloom throws in incredibly designed diamond patterns will match your style. You can put it on your bed, place it over your settee, and even wrap it around yourself when lounging on your favourite chair.


Embroidered Cotton Duvet Cover


Lastly, we have on our list a Boho Homes embroidered cotton duvet cover. It is made of cotton and fits a king-size duvet. If adding a touch of bohemian style is in your mind, this duvet has a lot to offer - including luxurious style, enriching beauty, and, most important, maximum comfort. You can even use it as a wall hanging to add colours to your bedroom’s walls instantly. We suggest pairing it up with matching pillowcases to complete the overall look.


When it comes to home styling (or restyling), Boho Homes has a wide selection of soft furnishing and accessories to offer. As it was not possible to include all items in this list, be sure to explore the website for more choices. And don’t forget to tell us what products you liked the most...m!

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