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Halloween Decoration Prep With Boho Homes - Handmade Products

Tullika Bhalla
Oct 18, 2021

Have you decided how you will decorate your home for Halloween? October is already here! Before you get busy with winter knits and snuggle under a cosy blanket, enjoying the Autumn vibes, make your home ready for Halloween. If you haven't thought about anything yet, no worries! At Boho Homes, we leave no opportunity to guide our shoppers with artisan-made products that go perfectly with different themes - like Halloween, this time. While you get busy with all preparations, costumes, treats, and jack o'lanterns, we handpick Boho Homes goods to up your decor game and make your shopping experience even more pleasant. Let's begin:

Sustainable Bamboo LED Table Lamps


View product: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/bamboo-table-lamp

Do you know what will look great right next to carved turnips and pumpkins? Our magnificent LED lamps. These artistically made lamps are made of sustainable Bamboo wood and designed in a Scandi style. Although they are table lamps, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to decorating your home the way you desire. Neatly place them in series to light up your home's entrance for your guests or create a dramatic effect by adding them to your garden, backyard, or patio.

Sustainable Marble Reading Lamp

View product: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/sustainable-marble-reading-lamp

If something beautiful, something functional is what you are looking for, we have a gorgeous-looking reading lamp for you. The marble is artfully hand-carved by skilled artisans and designed in Scandi style, striking a balance between minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. These are ideal for living room and bedroom decor to create a mysterious ambience on Halloween. If you are more interested in exterior decor, we suggest adding them to the front deck or patio rather than your garden for a unique designer touch.

Soapstone Oil Burners - Owl

View product: bohohomes.co.uk/products/soapstone-oil-burners-owl

Do you want to make the decor naturally spooky? We have something that might interest you - oil burners made of natural soapstone and hand-carved into an owl, a perfect addition for a Halloween night. Add a few drops of Boho Homes natural essential oil with water to the burner and let its heavenly aroma spread across your entire home. The mesmerizing aroma and flickering light from the burner will certainly enhance the whole holiday experience.

Boho Embroidered Table Runner/ Wall Hanging

View product: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/embroidered-table-runner-elephants

Boho Homes believes that  not all people are into spooky Halloween themes for the holidays. Some have their interests inclined more towards the colour of the Fall season, and for them, we have a glamorous table runner that can also be used as a tapestry. This wall hanging is hand embroidered on a silk backing by skilled artisans. Match it to your living room's decor, or simply place it at the foot of your bed for a touch of elegance.

Designer Enamelled Mango Wood Round Trays


View product: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/enamelled-mangowood-round-tray-10

Create harmony with Boho Homes' mango wood round trays known for their beauty, simplicity, and functionality. The combination of natural shades of mango wood and decorative patterns grab immediate attention without appearing too loud. Perhaps their soothing appearance makes them ideal for Autumn decor addition. You can add these gorgeous-looking wooden trays to your serving collection and use them for before dinner snacks or after-meal coffee. 

Embroidered Cotton Duvet Cover - Mandala

View product: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/embroidered-cotton-duvet-cover-multicolouredmandala

The Autumn season also brings chilly winds, meaning the time has come to take out your packed quilts and add beautifully designed duvet covers to them. Though the combination of green and red colours blend in well in any decor style, we suggest picking a yellow and orange combination to go with the Fall colours. Another brilliant way to use this embroidered Mandala duvet cover is by hanging it to the walls for a Bohemian look.

These were some suggestions on decorating your home with handcrafted Boho Homes products for Halloween (and Fall) in spectacular ways. Which one do you like the most? Let us know. 

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