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Eco Friendly Bags Collection For 2021 By Boho Homes

Tullika Bhalla
Aug 25, 2021

Owning a trendy bag and thinking sustainably at the same time seem too challenging to get by, but do they? At Boho Homes, we spare no effort in giving you the best of both worlds, and that’s why we make both of your wishes come true with highly stylish yet environment-friendly bags. From in-fashion crossbodies to chic totes, we've got our list ready for you

Clutch Bags 



Each clutch of our collection has a good deal of embroidery and beaded work done by true artisans of North India on silk or velvet. The inside of the clutch has a compartment to keep your small essentials absolutely safe. You can convert the clutch into a crossbody any time you want with a beaded chain strap that comes along with it. As there are several designs to choose from, add a bag (or more) to your collection that appeals to you the most.

Our beautifully decorated purses come in vibrant colours - from bright golden to sapphire blue to jet black - so that you can easily pick a shade that goes with the evening gown you’re planning to wear at your best friend’s wedding. If you are attending a tea party, we suggest going for the red and gold clutch, which instantly adds a touch of class and sophistication to your overall look.

Tote Bags 


If you need a new tote bag, we bring you a collection of organic cotton tote bags that reflect the true meaning of elegance and grace. Boho Home’s modish tote bags follow the dots and strip theme and work wonders, especially for those with an uncontemporary wardrobe. With a zipped pocket inside, you can keep your valuables separated from the rest of your everyday belongings.

Possibilities to use our bags that come in three attractive colours - yellow, blue, and black - are endless. You can take totes with you to beaches, parks, and book clubs. If your day begins or ends with gym, yoga, or swimming classes, use totes to carry your spare clothes. Those who love spending evenings at drive-in cinemas can use totes to bring their own snacks.

Foldable Eco Bags 


At Boho Homes, we ensure whatever you buy is not only trendy but functional and environment-friendly as well. And that’s why we have foldable tote bags on our list, which are made of organic cotton. 

These bags are easy-to-carry and spacious. You can carry your belongings, weekly stock of groceries and veggies in it easily. These bags are beautifully made by disabled artisans. These all-purpose bags are best for conscious shoppers who want to maintain their environmental footprint by limiting plastic bags. They come in beautiful designs, like butterfly, fish, and starfish, and a variety of colour shades from red to blue to green.

Crossbody Bags 



Next, we have in line for you are Boho Home’s colourful crossbody bags gracefully decorated with beads and embroidery designs. These bags can be converted into handhelds, just like clutch bags, by hiding their silk strings.

Boho Homes’ crossbody bag collection is hand made by women of North India under fair trade conditions. Each piece has gorgeous floral patterns on faux silk, which never fails to add glamour to the overall appearance of the possessor. You can carry all your small essentials, including jewellery, cash, lipstick, car keys, and more, in style, turning all eyes in your direction wherever you go.

Although our crossbody bags have pretty floral designs, they are not solely made for tea parties and luncheons. Exquisite embroidery in vivid colours - like leaves in green, flowers in red and pink, and twisted stems in brown and golden, make these lovely handbags a perfect accessory to pair with both evening gowns and casual dresses. 

Envelope Clutch Bags 


Our envelope clutch bags are timeless accessories that can be paired with different outfit styles for years to come. You can carry it over your shoulder or conveniently convert it into a handheld according to your mood or occasion.

Adding a dash of glamour to your overall look becomes easy with our thoughtfully-made embroidered envelope clutch purses. Faux silk, which is the base material of the bag, catches eyes, while skillfully done embroidery intrigues fascinated-onlookers even more. At Boho Homes, they are available in four vibrant base colours - golden, green, brown, and royal blue, which are easy to go with any look that you prefer for the day.

Each piece of our envelope clutch bag collection is unique because they are handmade by women artisans. Though the dainty golden embroidery gives you the vibes that these designed only for formal luncheons, wedding ceremonies, or tea parties, you can carry them confidently with your casual outfits while shopping, visiting your friends, or on a date night. 

Gift Bags 


The last that we have on our list (for now) is affordable gift bags. Made from recycled paper, these bags are beautifully designed to keep your beloved someone’s surprise safe until you give them their present.

At Boho Homes, we make sure fair-trade always stays in our mind, and that’s why we partner with enterprises that empower women, their families and improve their living standards. Our splendidly printed gift bags, for instance, are made by women who are paid a fair wage. They use recycled cloth rags and papers and skillfully block print delicate designs to make these bags even more elegant and graceful.

While these bags are named gift bags because of their looks, you can use them in countless ways. Carry them with you while shopping to avoid using plastic bags or use them to bring along extra belongings when your handbag seems too small to store everything. Their soft orange cord handles are sturdy and make it easy for you to carry them.

Final thoughts

Practical, versatile, and stylish are three words that truly define Boho Homes’ eco-friendly bags collection. If you are all set to minimize your impact on the environment without compromising on a trendy look, look no further as our bags are designed perfectly for all occasions.



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