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Ideas for a Plastic Free Home... Buy Once, Buy Well..!

Tullika Bhalla
Jul 26, 2021

Millions of people are participating in Plastic Free July this year. In the light of recent climate catastrophes, the meaning of the movement has become more poignant and important. As we stay at home more and are able to manage our consumption better, each of our efforts leads the way to this meaningful global movement to control the rising plastic pollution and make the planet - from the streets to the oceans - a better place to live.

Boho Homes products are designed to be sustainable and eco friendly, so when you use our products, you can be sure that you have made a difference already. 

Here are some of the ways in which we are doing our bit for the environment...

Canvas Market Tote Bag With Pockets

A canvas tote bag with pockets  is a sustainable substitute for plastic bags and an excellent choice for grocery shopping. Now you don’t need to pack fresh vegetables and fruits in plastic bags and risk their exposure to harmful chemicals. Carry it along whenever you head to the farmer’s market to avoid bringing home any plastic bag. You can use the same bag for years, and if it gets dirty, wash it with cold water. 

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/shopping-bag-reusable

Party Gift Bags 

Boho Home’s luxury gift bags are an incredible alternative to plastic party bags or paper bags coated with a thin layer of plastic. They are sturdy, made from recycled paper and cloth rags, which saves landfill space and conserves natural resources by reducing the need to use raw materials to produce new products.. Each bag has a beautiful design block printed on it by hand and you can use it in many ways. 

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/block-printed-paper-gift-bags

Reusable Tea Bags

Conventional tea bags are made of food-grade plastic, also known as food-safe plastic, suitable for contact with consumable products - either food or drink. But due to the presence of microplastics, these tea bags are non-biodegradable, therefore, add more to the plastic pollution. And that’s not all! Inhaling and ingesting microplastics over time may lead to health-related problems. Reusable tea bags made from organic cotton - available at Boho Homes - are a perfect way to start a morning without adding more to the plastic pollution. Just add loose tea leaves to the tea bag or mint and lime, depending on your preferences. 

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/reusable-tea-bags

Reusable Coffee Filters

Coffee filters contain toxic chemicals that may lead to health problems. So, isn’t there a way to enjoy your morning shot of filtered coffee? Yes, there is - Boho Homes’ coffee filters. Our easy to use, wash and reuse coffee filters are made of organic cotton and absolutely free of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. Dip them in cold water for an easy wash and these become ready to serve the next cup of coffee. 

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/reusable-coffee-filters

Coconut Shell Bowls

Coconut shells that generally go into the bins are de-husked, re-shaped, smoothened, and decorated in mesmerising patterns to prepare gorgeous-looking bowls. The idea of using discarded coconut shells considerably reduces waste and prevents air pollution, as burning coconut shells contribute to CO2 and methane emissions. Not only do these bowls look stunning, but they are also plastic-free, toxin-free, and eco-friendly. 

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/handmade-lacquer-coconut-shell-bowl-multicolored

Handloom Recycled PET Yarn Rug

We have discovered a great way to reuse plastic waste - by using products made from recycled plastic, like beautiful Boho Homes’ rugs. The yarn used to weave the rug is made from recycled plastic bottles and mixed with recycled cotton. Gorgeous prints and designs on these rugs make them ideal for bedrooms as wall rugs, bathrooms as bathmats, and kitchen as carpets. Their vivid, vibrant colours instantly liven and brighten up any space. Unlike expensive rugs, they don’t demand heavy maintenance - just vacuum it once in a while to get rid of dust and dirt and use non-biological detergent and water to remove stains.

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/pet-recycled-rug

Mango Wood Jewellery Boxes 

Decorative plastic boxes to keep safe jewellery and other small possessions, like car keys and cards, seem to make a great addition to home decor but not to the planet. If you are looking for a sustainable alternative, Boho Homes’ handmade boxes or chests is an excellent choice. They not only add more to any living space’s aesthetics but also help you establish a lifestyle - absolutely free-of-plastic. Our boxes are made of mango wood that is durable, easy to work with, and a great alternative to endangered tree species, like oak trees.  

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/handpainted-mangowood-chests

We are on a journey to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. As your partners in progress, we will continue to look for wallet friendly, eco friendly, good looking alternatives for your home. Are you ready to embrace this change?

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