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Father's Day Gift Guide For Conscious Shoppers by Boho Homes

Tullika Bhalla
Jun 15, 2021

"Something unique, something thoughtful, yet something useful" - yes, we heard what you're thinking! And we couldn't agree more that finding the perfect gift for dad is not a breeze.

As Father's Day is approaching, we thought you might appreciate a helping hand in finding a present that they will remember for years to come. That's why we have handpicked a few artistic gifts from Boho Homes' collection, which will add more meaning to your present and make your dad's day extra special.

Here, they are: 

Enamelled Mango Wood Platters For Masterchefs

If your dad enjoys entertaining a crowd with their culinary skills, he will surely love the addition of Boho Home's ethically made mango wood platters to his kitchenware collection. Exquisitely designed by woodworkers under Fairtrade conditions, these handmade platters come in many beautiful designs - daisies and hummingbirds - for instance. 

When you add these gorgeous platters to an outdoor living space , you feel like having breakfast or brunch in the countryside under the clear blue sky. During barbecue nights, platters add a touch of sophistication to the outdoor dining setting and make it easier for the host to serve their guests with flavoursome dishes, from BBQ pulled pork to chilli chicken wings to grilled pineapples.

Buy here: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/enamelled-mango-wood-platter-daisies

Boho Embroidered Table Runner/Wall Hanging For Art Lovers

A quirky present, like a wall hanging or table runner, is marvellous for arty dads who are into artwork. At Boho Homes, you will find a fine collection of elegant tapestry, beautifully designed by skilled artisans.

Beautiful motifs on silk - that are hand-embroidered using colourful threads - add character and vibrancy to all decor styles from rustic to contemporary to modern.. When used as a table runner, its beauty rapidly attracts attention and becomes a conversation starter during lunch and dinner. 

A gorgeous tapestry on the bed or couch will also liven up the overall aesthetics by splashing distinctive shades of vivid colours across the decor.

 Buy here: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/boho-homes-woven-zari-table-runners

Decorative Hand Painted Boxes For Enthusiasts 

Do your dad's hobbies include collecting stamps or banknotes? If you are nodding, we have a fantastic gift that you can buy for them. Boho Home's collection of storage boxes are practical and versatile presents for enthusiasts who prefer to maintain a collection or keep their essentials sorted and safe.

The storage boxes or chests are made of sustainable mango wood - and neatly hand-painted by artisans. They make excellent gifts because the receiver can put their possessions, like cufflinks and tie clips, in these chests and can also use them  as decoratives in their bedroom or living room.

Buy here: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/handpainted-mangowood-chests

Chakra Notebooks With Handmade Paper For Writers

Does your dad love writing - perhaps poems, quotes, or ideas? If they do, Boho Homes has a perfect Father’s Day present for them - Chakra notebooks with handmade paper 

These easy-to-carry notebooks come  in a variety of coloured fabric - including mustard, orange, pink, green, blue, and purple - with yoga themes imprinted on the cover. Plus, each notebook contains eco-friendly papers made from recycled materials. The fine quality of these handmade papers takes the writing experience to a whole new level. And that is why they make thoughtful gifts for songwriters and scribblers as well. So, pick - a colour that you believe your father will immensely love to own.

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/chakra-notebooks-with-handmade-paper

Carved Natural Soapstone Oil Burner For Wellness Devotee 

What does a fitness fanatic desire the most? Ways to promote health and well-being, of course! If your father happens to be one of those who put wellness on the top of their priority list, Boho Homes' oil burner, along with essential oils, is  what you need to get for them for at-home aromatherapy.

Our collection of gorgeous oil burners is brilliantly hand-carved out of natural soapstone by traditional craftsmen. With the addition of aromatic essential oils, like LemonGrass, Lavender, and Sandalwood or wax melt, they make an excellent aroma diffuser. Simply burn a candle inside and let the refreshing fragrance slowly spread across the room and revitalise the body, mind, and soul.

Oils: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/essential-oils

Soapstone: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/small-stone-oil-burner

Embossed Brass Coaster Set For Decorators

Boho Homes' brass-layered coaster set makes an exceptional gift for dads who are into interior decor. Deftly block-designed Mandala pattern that speaks the language of elegance will undoubtedly add a touch of royalty to your father's little abode.

Each piece of the placemat sets is layered with a brass sheet and embossed  by artisans who make their living by earning a fair wage under Fairtrade conditions. A single set includes six coasters and a safe box; however, the box can be used for other purposes as well - perhaps to keep valuable belongings like car keys safe. 

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/brass-coaster-set

Zari Photo Frames For Memory Keepers

What else would be a better Father’s Day gift than photo frames with pictures of your wonderful memories? You can also surprise him by creating a marvellous wall gallery using gorgeous photo frames and adding photographs of all your loved ones. 

At Boho Homes, we have a collection of photo frames made from waste cloth pieces from wedding dresses and saris. These frames are created by women who run a WFTO certified organisation and use only recycled materials to create items like photo frames and gift bags.

Our photo frames come with an inbuilt stand and can be placed on any surface - be it on the bedside table, dressing table, or centre table of the living room.

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/carved-photo-frame-2

Hand Painted Tealight Holder For Animal Lovers

If your dad loves animals and elephants the most, we have an incredible collection of handpainted tealight holders carved in the shape of the jungle’s wisest creature that they will be pleased to own. 

Our crystal-embellished tealight holders make a thoughtful present not only because they add a touch of glamour to the decor but also bring good luck to the home. Each candle holder is made of sustainable mango wood by proficient woodworkers and is one of a kind. Their vibrant colours and beautiful designs flawlessly blend in any decor style and make you feel closer to nature. 

Though they make magnificent centrepieces, they can be reserved for special occasions like candlelight dinners. They can also be used to create a serene environment during mediations by lighting candles in these holders. 

Buy now: https://www.bohohomes.co.uk/products/crystal-elephant-candle-holder

Choose one or more from our suggestions to give your father a present they will remember forever. No matter what hobby your dad or father figure is into, your thoughtful gesture of finding an ethically made, eco-friendly gift on Father's day will certainly make them more than happy.




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