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Everything You Need To Know About Mango Wood

Tullika Bhalla
Jun 08, 2021

Mangowood - a sustainable switch to your lifestyle.

What is mango wood?

Mango trees are native to India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and some other countries in Southeast Asia, where the mango industry thrives; however they are also grown in Mexico, Australia, and Brazil for hardwood. The unique grain patterns, distinct texture, and natural brown-yellow colour of mango wood add depth and warmth to every piece carved from it. The hardwood is water-resistant, durable and affordable.

Is mango wood sustainable?

These evergreen trees grow incredibly fast in a tropical climate and take around ten to fifteen years to reach full fruit productivity. When they get older and their fruit production declines, farmers practice plating saplings to make room for new mango plants. As mango trees grow up to 40 metres high and their trunk circumference reaches up to five metres, farmers earn an additional income by selling the wood to furniture makers and woodworkers. As mango wood is a by-product, many manufacturers today work with local farmers to buy hardwood at an affordable price. What’s more? Because mango wood has similar properties to teak, its usage has incredibly reduced the risk of this endangered species from becoming extinct. All in all, the cultivation and distribution of hardwood in the market to create environment-friendly products make mango wood highly sustainable.

Does mango wood benefit the environment?

The short answer is yes. Before mango wood gained worldwide popularity, farmers had no other choice but to burn down the remaining woods after felling trees, which was bad for the environment. But now, the demand for mango wood products has put a full stop to burning woods, thereby considerably reducing air pollution.

Mango Wood Items You Can Bring Home From BohoHomes

Keeping in mind that conscious shoppers prefer products that are ethically produced and sourced when it comes to home decor, here we have curated a list of budget-friendly, yet versatile and decorative, mango wood items available at BohoHomes.

1. Natural Mango Wood Cheese Board

One of our best-selling products, a mango wood cheese board, is a versatile addition to the kitchen. Although it is typically used as a chopping board, it serves multiple purposes, such as serving platters for cheeses, antipasti or grazing platters. You can also use them as separate platforms for candles, centrepieces, spice boxes, and more on the kitchen counter or dining table. These beautifully designed wooden boards are handmade and manufactured under Fair Trade conditions in North India.


2. Mango Wood Storage Box

This gorgeous looking mango wood storage box is typically used in Indian households as a spice box; however, it can be used in many other ways. For instance, it makes a wonderful jewellery box to store your precious possessions or a small chest to keep your tea collection sorted. Every piece of these multipurpose storage boxes available at BohoHomes is unique because they are handcrafted and ethically made by a small manufacturer in India.


3. Enamelled Mango Wood Serveware Set

Do you know every piece of our handmade mango wood serveware sets makes a great conversation starter? The beautifully designed serveware never fails to catch the eyes of an enthusiast when you make them a part of your serving collection. You will create an impression on your guests when you tell them how your conscious decisions help small artists from North India make their everyday living and maintain an environmental footprint.


4. Mango Wood Tissue Box

A tissue box is not something usual to cross our mind while talking about home decor, yet, it’s something that we need almost every day - at a salon, kitchen, car, bathroom, etc. Why not try this hand-painted tissue box made from mango wood and add an eco-friendly touch to your home? As mentioned already, mango wood is sustainable; you will get peace of mind that you are not making an unconscious purchase. Our eye-catching, mango wood made tissue boxes are made and decorated by Indian artisans in a workshop that focuses on employing skilled locals. 


5. Mango Wood Coaster Set

Add vibrant colours and bold patterns to your home with our exquisite set of mango wood coasters. Each piece is unique because the entire collection is handmade and hand-painted by skilled artisans under Fair Trade conditions. As mango wood is moisture-resistant, your purchase will last for several years. You can also get them for your beloved someone as a present; they’ll indeed find them highly thoughtful. 


Our marvellously handmade natural mango wood products will not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living space and come in handy in your daily use but will also help you with your first steps toward creating a sustainable home. Are you ready for environmental-friendly products swap and experience the difference yourself?

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