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3 Ways In Which You Are Making A Difference

Tullika Bhalla
Aug 23, 2019

With so much noise around Fair Trade, ethical consumerism and zero waste, it can be overwhelming to filter the real from the rhetoric. 

Here at Boho Homes, we can empathise with the cynicism that you would greet another ethical supplier with or the questions you have around the things you buy. We can empathise because we question our consumption habits too.  

This is also why we like to keep you informed about the steps we take to make sure that our products are making a difference that we claim them to be! 

We recently tied up with Curry For Change,  a fundraising initiative to help families in Asia & Africa. We donate £1 to this amazing this cause every time you purchase one of our sustainable mango wood tableware

So, here are 3 reasons why you are helping us make a difference: 

1. Saving the environment by using sustainable mango wood 

While known for their luscious, succulent fruit, mango trees also have a mango orchard in North India    beautifully grained, sturdy wood. Mango trees can grow up to     100ft and stop producing fruit. Farmers cut these trees down and    plant saplings on a yearly basis. 

While earlier the wood was left to rot, it is now used to create a variety of products ranging from furniture to our gorgeous tableware. 

2. Supporting the livelihood of grassroots artisans 

 Not only does use of mango wood in manufacturing provide additional revenue for farmers, but it also allows us to support the woodcarvers in North wood carver making mango wood bowls India who fret, fit and polish their carvings for a revitalised urban market in India and abroad. Their own future, however, is precarious. Spiralling prices of fast-depleting raw materials and a market controlled by middlemen threaten to choke this once-thriving trade.

3. Eliminating hunger one family at a time

Curry for Change is the charity campaign supporting families in Africa and Asia to grow enough food so they don’t go hungry and earn an income so they can provide for their families.

So far, we have raised £71 for this worthy cause, which means 71 of you have saved six families in Cambodia by providing them with cooking pots to cook their meals. 

As one the Curry for Change champions, we join our hands to thank you. 

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