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Fairtrade Fortnight starts today!

Tullika Bhalla
Feb 24, 2020

  Imagine if you could help feed a family!

This is Reena. She is an artisan from Rajasthan, a vast desert area iEmbroidered patchwork tapestryn Western India. Reena, her family and her tribespeople have a long legacy of creating beautiful colourful tapestries and home décor products. Using the material that is on hand or is donated, they create a joyous patchwork of intricate designs and traditional motifs.

Reena comes into the city every few months to sell these products and make a living for her family. As a Fairtrade supplier, we have taken the responsibility to assist and support such artisans.

More importantly, as a Fairtrade consumer, you have played a starring role in Reena’s story to provide her with a living and means to support the family. Thank you!

This year we are celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight (24th February - 8th March). It starts today! We support the Fairtrade goals of Employment, Empowerment and Environment.

How, do I hear you ask? Let me answer in the words of the Fairtrade Foundation .

Employment: As a Fairtrade supplier, we support the right to a living income for farmers and artisans – men and women. We champion suppliers who pay a fair wage to their workers.

In most underprivileged countries, labour laws are not robust and farmers are often faced with challenges of not receiving a fair price for what they produce. Workers do not receive a fair wage and are denied labour, economic, social, civil and political rights such as freedom of association, a living wage, collective bargaining and health & safety standards.

A living wage from Fairtrade certified suppliers ensures that there is minimum safety net price which ensures basic stability. It means that there is enough money to live a simple but dignified life, paying for essentials such as clothing, medicine and school. We believe this is not a luxury but a human right!

Empowerment: This year, Fairtrade Foundation is championing #Womensempowerment, a cause that is deeply personal to me as a female business owner. But, at Boho Homes, we also support the empowerment of the small artisans and workers with disabilities who are saving the world from plastic, one cotton bag at a time.

Environment: I passionately believe that even small actions can go a long way in protecting the environment, which is why at Boho Homes, we work with our suppliers to encourage the use of sustainable materials, repurposed clothes & metal and recycled paper. But above all, we believe that protecting people will help us protect the planet. Environmental protection is a key element of Fairtrade’s view of sustainability and helps the suppliers by providing standards to adhere to.

You can read all about the campaign that the Fairtrade Foundation is running in the next 2 weeks here. Get involved!

You can find out more about the products Reena makes for us here.

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