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Top 8 sustainable home decor swaps

Tullika Bhalla
Feb 04, 2021

Ethical online shopping combines the best of both worlds - convenience and sustainability. A sustainable switch has health, environmental and social impact. 

Whether you need kitchenware products, or some home decor items, this list of sustainable products from Boho Homes have your back (and our planet’s, too).  These are cost-effective, stylish, ethical and sustainable. 

  1. Cotton Food Storage bags

We are big fans of these reusable produce bags. Made from sustainable organic cotton, these bags are fantastic to tuck into your bags to go #plasticfree food shopping. Even better is the fact that you can store any fresh produce in these bags, in the fridge or outside.

The bags come with all around goodness! Organic cotton is not only chemical & pesticide free, it is also cultivated with rainwater, rather than intense water consumption. They are reusable, so will last you for a long long time (saving you money in the long run). Additionally, they have been handmade in a WFTO certified social enterprise and are fairtrade. The income from the bags contributes to the rehabilitation of physically challenged people and their families.


  1. Hand Painted Tissue Box

These beautifully designed tissue boxes are perfect for your living rooms, kitchens, cars, and rooms alike. These are made from mango-wood. Mango wood is relatively hard and dense and therefore very durable, requiring little to no maintenance. 

Every box is hand painted making each of them unique while the use of mango wood prevents teak and other endangered woods from being harvested from the wild. So what you get is a sustainable yet stylish product which is budget friendly and environment friendly. 

  1. Organic cotton coffee filters

Who doesn’t love sipping hot filtered coffee! These coffee filters from Boho Homes are reusable, made of organic cotton - which is free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. The cotton being used is harvested with rainwater. Thus, by using these organic filters you become a better countryman and enjoy health benefits too. These filters are handmade in a WFTO certified social enterprise. The income from these contributes to the rehabilitation of physically challenged people and their families. These are easy to wash with cold water and they will last you for a long time.


  1. Lacquered coconut shell bowls

Coconut bowls are an ultimate symbol of sustainability. These are biodegradable, waste free and an example of how anything can be reused. They are zero-waste products and create jobs for the artisans and their family. Coconut shells were adopted by Vietnamese and now the world is being inspired. 

Boho Homes give a fresh look to these shells. It is polished to give it a smooth shine and texture. The process involves blowing on a drop of color, which is moved around the bowl to give each one a unique design.  Use them to enjoy your soup, a bowl of noodles and an evening snack. Eating out of a coconut bowl always gives peace of mind and enjoyment, as you know that you are doing your bit for the planet.

  1. Handpainted Mangowood Trays

We are so inspired with the mangowood stuff, that we are adding a few more to the list. Using mangowood trays as a serveware not only provides eco-friendly satisfaction but also adds uniqueness to the kitchen. It is highly sustainable as mango farmers begin planting new mango trees every 7 to 15 years before the older trees become barren. This creates a cycle of harvesting and plantation and also prevents endangered trees from getting chopped. 

These trays are multi-purpose. They can be used as a sideboard, in dinner service and on your coffee table. They are hand painted by artisans under fair trade conditions. They are ethical, authentic and can be a unique addition in your lifestyle. 

  1. Enamelled Mango wood Serveware- Metallica

One of the best collections of serveware and top-selling in every season is this metallica mango wood serveware. It is sustainable, value for money and easy to maintain. When the mango tree stops producing juicy mangoes, then these trees are cut down and made into beautiful furniture and serveware. Cut-down trees are immediately replaced, and only old, fruitless trees are harvested for wood. Other woods like teak which are endangered are also prevented.

We at Boho Homes, add beautiful geometric shapes, lustre and design to the wood which makes these serveware a perfect option to add into the kitchen, gift to your loved ones and add your contribution to nature. 


  1. Folding Organic Cotton Tote Bags

Tote bags are commonly used items nowadays. Available in variant colors, patterns and fabric, it is difficult to choose the favourite one. If you are looking forward to helping your environment breathe, then these organic tote bags are a perfect choice. These are made from organic cotton which is free from pesticides and chemicals and is harvested using rainwater. These bags will remind you that nature is healthier and cost-effective in a longer run. They are available in 5 unique colors and designs. They serve as perfect gifting products and can be used as carry bags too.

  1. Soapstone oil burners 

These natural soapstone oil burners are a perfect choice towards a fresh and fragrant living. Natural soapstone is sustainable and environment friendly. No sealers or harmful chemicals are introduced in your homes when you are using these burners. It’s heat and stain resistant. 

Enjoy chemical free natural fragrance with these oil burners. These are pollution free and ozone loves them. They are hand carved by artisans inspired from historic events. Every piece is unique in its own way. 

Hope these products help you reach your sustainability goals for 2021.

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